Bronzeville Bikes pedals forward with the help of a committed group of volunteers.
If you have specific skill(s) you'd like to share with us, please sign up!



Bronzeville Bikes, along with the Bronzeville Community Garden, is actively contributing to the revival of community and commerce along the 51st Street Corridor.

The corridor will be a model in sustainability practices and the return of public life and commerce for Bronzeville and beyond.

Your support will help Bronzeville Bikes:

  • Increase the number of rides to 20
  • Train 2 Apprentice Mechanics
  • Mentor 2 Interns

And help the Bronzeville Community Garden:

  • Establish a “Bronzeville Garden Network”
  • Introduce 6 Community Potlucks
  • Launch a Youth Cultivator Certification
  • Bring Tai Chi and Qi Gong to the garden for local residents and visitors

We always accept in-kind donations of bikes, tools, parts, and shop supplies!

Email us at if you'd like to send any of those items our way.