Four Places To Go On The Las Vegas Strip

Have you ever been to a city where you could gamble at casinos like Atlantic City? Although that’s a nice place to start, you should definitely consider a visit to the west coast of the United States, specifically Las Vegas. Located in South Nevada, it is a city that has built an incredible reputation over the years. It is one of these destinations that you will definitely want to visit whenever you go to this area of the country. There are four specific places that you should visit while you are walking up and down the Las Vegas strip that will make your trip very memorable. Be sure to bring cameras or video recorders because you will have an exciting time.

The Bellagio Water Show

Right out in front of the Bellagio which is one of the nicest hotels in Vegas, they have a water show that is showing every hour. It is very similar to what you will see in Disneyland, though not too that high degree of creativity. However, it is definitely worth watching for all that it has to offer at no cost.

Stratosphere Casino

If you can get a room at the stratosphere, and then venture up to the top to have a meal, you are going to see Las Vegas from an incredible height. It is a beautiful sight to see, and if you can book reservations in the evening hours, you will get to see the city as the top of the stratosphere spins around. The height of the stratosphere is over 1100 feet which will give you a wonderful view.


This is a Ferris Wheel that is over 500 feet tall, about half the height of the stratosphere. However, you are still going to get amazing views of the city below. All of this is accessible just by walking on this trip, or deviating just a small distance. The ride will not last that long, but you will see great views from the gondola cars that have transparent walls for Windows.

The Eiffel Tower

Finally, go see the Eiffel Tower which is a smaller version of the actual structure in Paris. It is well-designed, mimicking the appearance with the exception of the height. It is something that you can take pictures in front of, preferably with someone across the street to get everything in the picture. It’s very tall, and quite foreboding, especially if you see this on the strip at night.

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