The Bronzeville Bicycling Initiative was convened in November 2012 to bring together local stakeholders invested in a more bike-friendly Bronzeville.  BBI's ten recommendations included:

 1. Adopt a clear vision for building a biking culture in Bronzeville. 

Bike Access
 2. Install ≥20 Bikeshare Stations to catalyze local & visitor biking
 3. Facilitate Pop-up Bike Sales to increase local bike ownership
 4. Encourage creation of Bike Libraries as a first step to biking
 5. Install Fix-It Stations across community to fix basic bike problems

Biking Skills and Will
 6. Partner with Active Transportation Alliance to promote biking
 7. Invest in additional outreach, education, and promotion activities

Organization and Resources
 8.Organize Bicycle Hubs and Hub Leaders to get going
 9. Partner with key stakeholders to secure resources & coordinate action
 10. Establish Bronzeville Bicycle Collaborative for advocacy & action