During 2013, Bronzeville Bikes™ invested in creating a weekly series of bike rides, pop-up bike repair shops, and other bicycle-related activities to raise the profile of biking in Bronzeville. These activities were supported by an
infrastructure of branding and outreach tools and a growing core of committed bicyclists and biking partners. The tremendous participation in these activities demonstrated the huge unmet need for bicycling in Bronzeville and on the broader South Side and established BvB’s 51st Street “home base” as a key hub for Chicago biking.

Activities in the 2013 year included:

Bicycling encouragement activities
Sunday bike rides and pop-up shops, Let’s Bike To School!, University of Chicago South Side Ride, and multiple Special Events.

Supportive Infrastructure
Brand development, Online communication tools, Fixit Station, cargo bike & signage, and Bike parking.